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Other Signs:

earthlings have been here.

Sign of the Water Bearer

January 20 to February 19.

Fixed Air

Aquarians are detached, individualistic,
sociable and humanitarian.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn.

Aquarius might be compared to the ENFJ Myers-Briggs
Personality type.

Hadrian			1/24
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart	1/27
Emmanuel Swedenborg	1/29
Oprah Winfrey		1/29
Boris Yeltsin		2/1
Rosa Parks		2/4
Babe Ruth		2/6
Charles Darwin  	2/12
Susan B. Anthony	2/15
Phillip Melanchton	2/16

Aquarius Presidents

William McKinley: 1-29-1843
Franklin Roosevelt: 1-30-1882
Ronald Reagan: 2-6-1911
William Henry Harrison: 2-9-1773
Abraham Lincoln: 2-12-1809