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Other Signs:

earthlings have been here.

Sign of the Crab

June 21 to July 22.

Cardinal Water

The Cancer personality is protective, caring, tenacious and empathetic.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Cancer is perhaps most similar to the ESFJ Myers-Briggs
Personality type.

George Orwell		6/25
Helen Keller		6/27
Henry VIII		6/28
Thurgood Marshall	7/2
Phineas T. Barnum	7/5
John Calvin		7/10
Julius Caesar		7/12
Henry David Thoreau	7/12
Mary Baker Eddy		7/16
Nelson Mandela		7/18

Cancer Presidents

Calvin Coolidge: 7-4-1872
John Quincy Adams: 7-11-1767
Gerald Ford: 7-14-1913