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Life, Death, and Politics

This page is for my opinions on Capital Punishment, links to pages pro and con on this issue, links on other life and death issues and links to political pages.

 How would you feel if you were about to
 be electrocuted for a crime that you 
 didn't commit?

 Think About It!

 You would be facing the fear of a painful
 death and that would be but half your problem.
 You would be remembered as a killer.

 As bad as being the victim of a murder is,
 that would be much worse.

 The innocent victim gets all the sympathy,
 understandably of course.

 But what about the one who is executed?
 (s)he is hated.

 Imagine being hated for a murder that you
 didn't commit!



The Death Penalty; Right or Wrong?
Is capital punishment wrong?

No; it is not wrong.
Only if innocent people are executed.
Yes; there is always the possibility of executing the innocent.
Always; executing the guilty is wrong.


To Be or not to Be?

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Anti-Capital Punishment:
Unitarian Universalists Against the Death Penalty:

There have been people who aren't dead here.

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