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Other Signs:

earthlings have been here.

Sign of the Goat

December 22 to January 19.

Cardinal Earth

Capricorns may be ambitious, loyal, industrious, 
serious, can be fatalistic and selfish,
and they usually have a knowledge of power.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Capricorn may be compared to the ESTP Myers-Briggs
Personality type.

Rod Serling		12/25
Anwar Sadat		12/25
Mao Ze Dong		12/26
Paul Revere		1/1
Marcus Tullis Cicero	1/3
Sir Isaac Newton	1/4
Jacob Grimm		1/4
Johannes Kepler		1/6
Martin Luther King	1/15
Joan of Arc		1/15

Capricorn Presidents

Woodrow Wilson: 12-28-1856
Andrew Johnson: 12-29-1808
Millard Fillmore: 1-7-1800
Richard Nixon: 1-9-1913