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December 19, 1998

   This page was created on the day that the US House voted
for two articles of impeachment of the President. A very
sad day for our system of government, in my opinion.
   Article 1: perjury before the grand jury
   passed 228-206
   Article 2: perjury in Paula Jones case
   failed 229-205

   Article 3: obstruction of justice
   passed 221-212  
   Article 4: abuse of power
   failed 285-148

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	42ND President of the USA
	He was born 8/19/1946, and named William Jefferson Blythe IV.
	After the death of his biological father, his mother remarried
	and he was named William Jefferson Clinton.
	He married Hillary Rodham (born 10/26/1947 in Chicago, Illinois).
	Their daughter and only child, Chelsea, was born in 1980.
	Elected 11/3/1992 against President Bush and re-elected
	11/5/1996 against Senator Robert Dole of Kansas (who
	had also unsuccessfully run for Vice President in 1976).
	His Vice President for both terms has been Al Gore (born 1948 in
	Washington DC).

	Possible candidates in the year 2000 are: Al Gore, Paul Wellstone,
	Bill Bradley, Dan Quayle, George W. Bush, and Jack Kemp.
        As of 12/4/1999 the candidates in the Democratic and Republican
        parties are: Bradley, Gore, George W. Bush, Alan Keyes, Orrin Hatch,
        Gary Bauer, Steve Forbes, and John McCain.

The Bill Clinton poll
Should William Clinton have been removed from office in January 1999?


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