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This is my page for Democratic Presidents and other
Democratic links.
	Franklin Pierce was the 14th President and the fourth
Democrat to be President; Millard Fillmore was the 13th President
and last Whig President. 
	Since Pierce was inauguerated on March 4, 1853 every
President has been either a Republican or Democrat.
	Altogether 17 men from Lincoln to Bush have been
Republican Presidents and 14 men from Jackson to Clinton have
been Democratic Presidents. Ten men have been other parties.
Grover Cleveland is counted twice so Clinton is considered
the 42nd President.


14. William Jefferson Clinton: 1993-2001?
13. James Earl Carter: 1977-1981
12. Lyndon Baines Johnson: 1963-1969
11. John Fitzgerald Kennedy: 1961-1963
10. Harry Truman: 1945-1953
9. Franklin Roosevelt: 1933-1945
8. Woodrow Wilson: 1913-1921
7. Grover Cleveland: 1885-1889;1893-1897
6. Andrew Johnson: 1865-1869
5. James Buchanan: 1857-1861
4. Franklin Pierce: 1853-1857
3. James Polk: 1845-1849
2. Martin Van Buren: 1837-1841
1. Andrew Jackson: 1829-1837



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