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The Election is still too close to call 246 electoral votes for Bush and 260 electoral votes for Gore

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Presidential Election 2000: State By State This page is for my thoughts, opinions, ideas, Links, and predictions for the elections of 2000. This page was begun February 2, 2000. Four asterisks by a candidate's name mean either that the candidate has dropped out or that another candidate in his party has won enough delegates to capture the nomination.

It is Election Day a little after 7 PM Eastern Time. Bush has now been projected to win Kentucky, South Carolina, and Indiana. Gore has won Vermont. Florida, as expected, is TOO CLOSE TO call.



Table of Contents:
The Forty Third President:
Bill Bradley 2000 ****:
Al Gore 2000:
John McCain 2000 ****:
Governor Bush's Campaign:
Forbes ****:
Alan Keyes for President ****:
Donald J. Trump Presidential Exploratory Committee ****:
Buchanan Reform:
John Hagelin, Ph.D.: Natural Law - America's Fastest Growing New Political Party
Larry Hines In 2000 ****: Libertarian Party
Harry Browne 2000 Presidential Exploratory Committee: Libertarian
Constitution Party National Committee :
Dr. Heather Harder ****: Democrat
William P. Kreml ****: Democrat
Lyndon LaRouche ****: Democrat
Andy Martin's Campaign Headquarters ****: Republican
Angel Joy Rocker ****: Republican
Millie Howard ****: Republican
Prattas for President ****: Republican
Joe Bellis:
Richard Alan Hale:
Les Lummis:
The National Sovereignty Party:
Edison McDaniels:
The Socialist Party USA:
Bernard Palicki :
Scott C. Palmer:
David E. Wyatt:
U.S. Presidential Election : Yahoo Full Coverage
Yahoo! Politics:
Presidential Elections (history): Yahoo!
Third Party: Yahoo!
Campaign 2000: USA Today
Campaign 2000: Newsweek
Time magazine:
Election 2000: US News
Electoral Scoreboard : UPDATED DAILY ---- State by state poll; a color map of USA.



If you want to vote for NADER, you might want to check this out first.

The map below (click it to get to election results page), indicates states leaning Gore (GREY), states leaning Bush (GREEN), and states too close to predict(WHITE ---although I think Florida is likely a Bush state and Tennessee is likely a Gore state).
This map was created on 10/27/00 and is based on various sources (ABC, US Today, Newsweek, to name a few)

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