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These are just some of your favorite things

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In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things.

    Attending school plays and assemblies at the schools of my grandchildren.

    The sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby and John Lee Hooker.

    The smell of Hoppe's No. 9.

    The taste of curried Sea Bass and jasmine rice.

    The sight of my wife and children.

    Annual trip to Northern Thailand.

    A rise in the Dow.


    Family reunions on 4th of July.

    Myers Rum with coke and fresh lime.

    A night dive on Champion Reef.


    The look in the eyes of the immigrants I sponsor at their swearing in ceremonies.

    Midnight Mass. 

    Ben and jerry's Chunky Monkey.

    A long drive onto the short grass followed by a perfect iron shot to the green.

    E-mails from the family.

    Making Grouper sandwiches on Porgy Girl, 30 miles out.Cold beer included.

    The Cold Beer Open in Myrtle Beach each May.

    Ship reunions.

    My Thursday scramble at Rivard.

    Limiting on Sea Trout just at sunset on the Gulf.

    The Grand Old Party.

    Trips to Key West, pulling little porgy.

    Fox News Channel.

    My truck.

    A late night hot tub soak with my wife and Dom Perignon.

    Gourmet coffees and creamers.

    Thanks TomC. God bless you. (porgygirl)

Some things that I enjoy:

    --Chocolate and peanut butter --Salt and vinegar potato chips
    --Pasta and Thai food --Sunsets and rainbows -- A handsome and
    intelligent man who is not afraid to show his feelings.

    Well that is a good start.





    Political site

Pie: French silk

    Album: Pink Floyd The Wall

    Candy bar: Hershey Symphony

    Artist: Munch

    Composer: Bach

    Horror Movie: Evil Dead

    Light Comedy: Airplane!

    Dark Comedy: Heathers

    Drama: Reds

    Classic novelist: Tolstoy

    Modern novelist: Stephen King

    Color: Purple

    City: Minneapolis




Favorite things:

    My wife and kids

    My computer "Tinky" (Yes it is purple and named afer the teletubbie!)

 My friend's audio site and store.

    Target and skeet shooting

    Jim and Coke

    Shooting TOW missles

    The Ford GT40

    Riding motorcycles

    Working on cars

    My car stereo

    Any state lottery that I might win!




Favorite sites:

    Madison Blackwolf northern league baseball.

    Nothing beats sitting in the sun, watching baseball, drinking a few beers, and
    checking out the chicks

    Timberwolves NBA basketball.

    Kansas City Chiefs NFL football

    The Onion newspaper.
    America's finest newsource


    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    Jennifer Lopez

    Waking up with a hangover

    Hitting the bar for happy hour on a Friday



    Randy Moss

    The Republican Party

    John McCain

    People who realize they can do things for themselves

    Jenna Jamison

    Getting ripped and going to the strip club until 5 AM


    That's it for now...




First the important things:

    The Lord My Wife My son to be born daughter My extended
 family (inCluding in-laws) My friends

    Now for the less important things:

 Wine soaked evenings with
 good friends talking poltics, sex and religion . . .
 Poltically incorrect comments . . . .
 'Animal House' . . . . . .
 Patty Loveless singing just about anything . . . .
 tender loin (medium well), a baked potato (dry, sour cream
    on the side), ceasars salad and a bottle of cabernet . . .
 Drakes Cakes . . . . .
 ESPN Sports Center during football season . . . .
 Thanksgiving in Boston . . . . . . .
 Bill Forsyth movies . . . . .
 My job . . . .
 Hitting a great drive (Yeah, I know, drive for show,
    putt for dough) . . . . .
 Concerts at Chastain Park in Atlanta on a hot summer night . . . . .
 Van Morrison . . . . .
 Cape Cod on a
    Winter day . . . . . .
 The sun set over the marshes on St. Simon's Ga . . .
 Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway . . . . .
hanging out with people smarter than me . . . 


    Not the Dan Quayle tribute
{Bill A}

(other than the first item, these are not in any particular order)

    my son Tim

    the kitties: Newman and Millie

    those rare instances when I can cook to my heart's content knowing 
full well that someone else will clean up after the mess

    those rare instances when I don't have to cook OR clean up and the meal is marvelous

    Tanglewood on an August Sunday afternoon

    a clean house

    anything mocha

    a day at the Little League field when you're not league president and you
 don't have half a dozen mothers complaining to you
    that the coach isn't giving their kid enough play time.

    wash & go hair

    a professional full-body massage

    the annual family bridge tournament

    "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" (the English version)

    Black Angus Delmonico Rib-Eye steak (grilled 3 minutes on each side)
 paired with a huge tossed salad (bleu cheese

    Jimmy Carter

    karaoke, cribbage, scrabble and Trivial Pursuit

    being outside in the quiet of a snow storm late, late at night when it's
 so quiet you can almost hear the snow falling.

    peanut butter M&Ms

    Shawn Colvin


Here are some of mine...

    The BBC

    Long lunches down the pineapple on Fridays

    A realy good vindaloo

    Pretty much any sort of cheese except edam

    Playing CIV2

    Strappommen(sp?) lager

    Sitting outside on the August bank holiday, listening to a test mach on the radio, 
sipping a cold lager or possibly large Pimms
    No. 1 while waiting for the BBQ to get to the right temperature.

    Star Wars

    Italian food

    2000AD (the comic, not the year)

    Meeting old friends who you haven't seen for ages.




A crisply hit 8 iron shot against a clear blue sky

Sinking any putt over 20 ft long

Outdoor sex

Cruising down the highway on a hot summer day with the top down and the tunes blaring

The laughter of a small child

Snorkelling on a coral reef

Eating sour patch kids and drinking a coke while watching a good movie

Getting lost on purpose in a city far from my home (preferably in another country)

Crushing wingnuts in debate at TL

Disney World



This is one of those cool 'anything goes' threads.

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    Little Harsh? -- "he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death."
-- Exodus 21:17

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    Hmmm -- Simpsons, original soundtracks, baseball (Publius? ;) ), Pringles,
 David Letterman, the use of
    commas, guinea pigs, the calmness and elegance of a clear night.

    *Ask me a question; I'll tell you no lies; how deep is the ocean; how high is the sky?*

    Sure. My Question to TomC -- What doth ye have against me? :)


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    Okay -- Anything it is! Maybe something that kinda fits the mood after those questions:


    "The time approaches    
    That will with due decision make us know 
    What we shall say we have and what we owe. 
    Thoughts speculative their unsure hopes relate, 
    But certain issue strokes must arbitrate. 
    Towards which advance the war."--Siward, MacBeth ACT V SCENT IV