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Coming soon (I hope) .......... a brief biography.

Abraham Lincoln Links

Abraham Lincoln: Access Indiana
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865):
Abraham Lincoln Online:
Abraham Lincoln: White House biography
Mary Todd Lincoln 1818-1882: White House biography
The Search for the Real John Wilkes Booth: by M. Christopher New
Abraham Lincoln: The Man and His Hour:
The History Place presents Abraham Lincoln:
Abraham Lincoln's assassination:
Just and Generous Sympathy:
Abraham Lincoln: Six Historic Americans
Mary Surratt : first woman to be executed by the United States government
Assassination of Lincoln: A History of the Great Conspiracy, by By T. M. Harris
Abraham Lincoln: Grolier
Abraham Lincoln: POTUS
Abraham Lincoln: American Presidents
Visiting Abraham Lincoln's Grave:
Vice President Hannibal Hamlin:
Jefferson Davis:
President Abraham Lincoln : Information and Links


Republican Presidents:

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