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Littleton, Colorado: The Columbine Trajedy

In her frustation Annie Sullivan asks Hellen Keller,
'How do I reach you?'

1) How many of you have trouble saying 'I love you'?

2) How many of you have trouble saying 'May I help you'?

3) and have you ever said to another person 'How do I reach you'?

... How do I reach you? How How.... How do I reach you;
how do I touch your mind? How do I see into your soul?
How do I get you to see the me that nobody knows?
To sleep perchance to dream.  How do I find the you
that nobody sees? She has the power to go where no one
else can find me... to places where I should not let me

Our planet is not going to heal with violence, war, rudeness,
coldness, greed or guns; but only by understanding..
do you have an understanding heart? do I?

Can we all stop talking and start listening?
How do we expect to solve any of the world's problems 
until we learn to listen to one another?
Being there is a start... but listening is not easy....

How do I reach you? That is the question that we
should ask one another.

'It seems to me there are more hearts broken in the
world that can't be mended, left unattended.'



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