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Thomas Cole's Resume
R E S U M E Thomas M. Cole 501 EDGE HILL RD APT C-8 GLENSIDE PA 19038 215-884-4479 (home) 215-376-1416 (work) email: _____________________________________________________ CURRENT OCCUPATION: COMPUTER OPERATOR Glasgow Inc. 33 Limekiln Pk Glenside Pa. 19038 October 14, 1988 to present. I am responsible for running all weekly, monthly, and quarterly accounting programs: Payroll (includes printing and signing checks), Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Material Billing, Daily Tickets, Job Cost. I am responsible for maintaining the equipment masterfile (updating title information etc.), and checking equipment cost data, which has been entered, for errors. I also maintain a physical file of each piece of equipment. I keep office manager informed on progress of keeping records of equipment maintainance. I keep a log of all programs run and provide copy of this log to programmers on a daily basis and send a copy to office manager on a weely basis. I change code of any reports not printed, so the system can delete them. Input and output files are deleted by two programs which I run twice a week; after running these two programs, I perform a reorganization of the file index. I copy reports to metaviewer and also print many of them. Our PC users backup their files to a file server. I backup this file server daily. Also the Datapoint (main system) is backed up daily. I also perform a monthly backup of critical Datapoint files to a big reel tape. _____________________________________________________ PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE SALESPERSON Sears 100 Neshaminy Mall Bensalem May 28, 1986 to October 13, 1988 TAPE LIBRARIAN Financial Accounting 1717 Swede Rd. Norristown Pa 19401 Oct. 15, 1985 - March 15, 1986 COMPUTER OPERATOR United States Air Force Wurtsmith Air Force Base Mi 1980-1984 - highest rank SRA (E-4) ______________________________________________________ HARDWARE Datapoint 7800, Burroughs 3500, Epson DFX 8000, Qualstar tape drive, Fujitsu DL 3400, Okidata 2410, Fax machine, Standard Register 2000 Forms Burster (signer), Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 4+ printer, Pitney Bowes 5630 postage machine, UARCO Forms Burster, Standard Register 1900 decollater. ______________________________________________________ SOFTWARE College courses: BASIC and PASCAL. Work experience: MS DOS, RMS, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Metaviewer, Microsoft Word, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, editing chain files and bat files. Internet (hobby): Netscape browser, knowledge of HTML. _____________________________________________________ EDUCATION High School --Graduated 1974 - Academy of the New Church College --Graduated 1980 - Academy of the New Church Theological School 1984-1985 - Academy of the New Church BACK TO FRONT PAGE