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Other signs:

earthlings have been here.

Sign of the Scorpion

October 23 to November 22.

Fixed Water

Scorpios are understanding, intense, secretive, sensitive,
vindictive, perceptive, and tend to hold grudges.
They often have sexual tensions.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars.

Scorpio has been compared to the ENFP Myers-Briggs
Personality type.

Paul Joseph Goebbels	10/25
Christopher Columbus	10/30
Larry Flynt 		11/1
Marie Antoinette	11/2
Carl Sagan		11/9
Saint Augustine		11/13
Pelagius		11/13
Whopi Golberg		11/13
Joseph McCarthy		11/14
Martin Luther		11/19

Scorpio Presidents

Theodore Roosevelt: 10-27-1858
James Polk: 11-2-1795
Warren Harding: 11-2-1865
James Garfield: 11-19-1831