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Politics and American History

The primary subject of this page is going to be American History in particular and US Presidents: Washington, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, FDR, Nixon, and Clinton (to name a few). I may decide to create a separate page for politics or at least political links. Also, I may decide to create a separate page for American Presidents. For now, I may decide to focus on Johnson, Nixon and the issue of impeachment. Today is Sep. 13 , 1998 and whether Clinton will actually be impeached is still a debatable question. If I decide to have anything on World History (including links) it will be on this page or my Religion page.

Politics and American History

United States Presidents
(Boomer Bible)
Johnson and Clinton
a comparison
American Presidents
Yahoo Category
American Vice Presidents
Yahoo Category
Visit The White House
George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson on politics and government
The Jefferson Bible
James Madison
The Monroe Doctrine
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
James Polk
Zachary Taylor
Millard Fillmore
Franklin Pierce
Abraham Lincoln
Excellent Page!
1st Inaugural Address
2nd Inaugural Address
Andrew Johnson
Ulysses S. Grant Association
The Ulysses S. Grant Homepage
"illuminates a figure profoundly misunderstood in history and in popular culture."
The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
James A. Garfield
"...shot by a would-be assassin, but he was actually killed by his great team of doctors."
"...accomplished little and never had a chance to seek a second term."
Grover Cleveland: "The Veto President."
Benjamin Harrison
The Era of William McKinley
The Assassination of William McKinley
the "Queen City's Darkest Moment in History."
Theodore Roosevelt Association
The life of Theodore Roosevelt
"was one of constant activity, immense energy, and enduring accomplishments."
The Bull Moose Election
William Howard Taft
"His presidency was marked by controversy"
Woodrow Wilson
Warren G. Harding
Inaugural Address Friday, March 4, 1921
The Coolidge Experience
"dedicated to the coolest president"
Herbert Hoover: The Basics
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal
45 links
Harry S. Truman
"His courage was the courage of his convictions..... "
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb
Eisenhower Center
President John F. Kennedy: The Sixth Floor Museum
Nightmare on Elm Street: 11/22/63
JFK Assassination Links
US Election Results/1960-1992
Election History: 1964
Lyndon B. Johnson
HeraldLink: Articles of impeachment against Nixon
Nixon (John Williams)
Vice-President Nixon
Richard Milhous Nixon
Gerald R. Ford
Ronald Reagan and the 1980s
The Ronald Reagan Home Page
George Bush
Save Clinton
The "Unofficial" Bill Clinton
Republicans for Bill Clinton
The "Unofficial" Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States
Al Gore - Al Gore for President - Election 2000
Academic American Encyclopedia: Barbara Pierce Bush
First Ladies IDEA Network
Yahoo! First Ladies
Elections 1860-1996
Yahoo Impeachment category
Andrew Johnson, Nixon, Clinton


Conservative Forum for Unitarian Universalists
"The CFUU is dedicated to bringing together Conservative and Libertarian members of UUA congregations so that we may speak with a unified voice."
Articles of Impeachment
Republican Presidents
Democratic Presidents
First 13 Presidents

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