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What is Unitarian Universalism?

       I became a Unitarian Universalist on October 4, 1992.
I grew up in the religion of Swedenborg.
        Unitarian Universalism came into existance about 37 years ago when
two denominations merged, Unitarians and Universalists. Unitarians
rejected the idea of the Christian Trinity, God in three persons,
father-son-and holy spirit. Universalists believed that all people
would be saved, that nobody would spend eternity in hell. These ideas
are still a large part of what the religion is all about. UUs
are described as religious liberals, it has become more than just
a Christian denomination; in fact most UUs do not consider themselves
Christian. It is an interfaith denomination. I have come up with
21 reasons one might become UU. Perhaps this will help define the
       Obviously someone could join for more
than one of these reasons. For example, 8 of them apply to me.
	If you are a UU let me know of any more reasons which 
you can think of. Let me know why you are UU. :)
I came up with 10 general categories, divided into 21 reasons.
The 21 reasons are also general. There could be thousands
of individual reasons. I have made them general; in other words
one could be a liberal Jew, a liberal Hindu etc.; I have listed
this as one reason, namely, 'a certain liberal religion'.
	The nine general categories are: 
I) Miscellaneous (currently I have nothing in this category
but listed it in case I come up with something
that doesn't quite fit into the other categories.
II) Practical
III) Specific Issue
IV) Religious, Spiritual etc.
V) Informal
VI) Historical
VII) Intellectual/Rational/Scientific
VIII) Political
IX) Neutral
X) Personal

I) Miscellaneous -none yet
II) Practical
     1) Easy to join. Doesn't require any ritual (like baptism).
     2) Closest church to where the person lives.
III) Specific issue.
     3) Member of minority group or belief in minority rights
        or belief in women's rights. For example Ordination of
IV) Religion etc.
     4) Looking for spirituality, spiritual growth, growth.
     5) To learn more about different religions.
     6) 'Non-religious', atheist etc.; getting away from religion
        or a certain religion.
     7) Liberal religion. Specific religion which fits in somehow
        with Unitarian Universalism. (Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Islam, etc.)	 
     8) Belief in universal salvation. (or in no-hellism)
     9) Belief in the unity of God.
     10) Some other specific religious belief (charity, love, etc.)
V) Informal
     11) Looking for less ritual etc. in the service itself.
VI) Historical
     12) Parents were Unitarian
     13) or Universalist
     14) or Unitarian Universalist
     14b) was brought up UU; left; and later came back.
VII) Rational etc.
     15) Looking for a rational religion. One that is compatable
         with science. 
VIII) Political
     16) Either liberal on most issues or feel strongly about
         one issue. (For example, capital punishment).
IX) Neutral
     17) Person doesn't know exactly what (s)he believes in.
     18) A personal theology which is not in agreement
         with the theology of any other denomination.
X) Personal
     19) Looking for friends and/or community.
     20) Friend, relative, immediate family member, or neighbor is UU.
     21) Famous UU. Read the work of a famous U,U, or UU and liked
         the person. (This applies to two people that I know).



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